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Three inmates and Peter ShikliMost of the web accessibility services firms out there will do a fine job, but their focus is project based while ours is task based. They are geared to address the accessibility of your entire online presence, whereas we're happy to work a task as quick as a single web page. Their approach is ideal for large, complex websites, but if you want a quick, inexpensive way to start, perhaps just the home page for your small to mid-sized website, then Access2online is the answer.

Whereas those firms need to put together a large time & materials proposal typically based on $200/hr, our task-based approach is dirt simple: $49/hr with you going in knowing the exact number of hours you authorize for each and every task. With Access2online, you follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a free account.

  2. When you're ready to propose your first task, add some spending money to your account with a credit card, echeck, Paypal payment, paper check, or purchase order.

  3. Use an online form to propose a task to do an accessibility analysis & report, or PDF document repair, referring to the URL of your web page(s).

  4. OIne inmate at workA human Coordinator looks over your proposed task and accepts it for a specified due date and a given number of authorized hours. If that is 4 hours, for example, you know going in that your exposure is $196.

  5. If you approve the task description, your total dollar exposure, and the task's due date, only then do you authorize the task and Access2online gets to work.

  6. Access2online's Coordinator uses our eTaskBoard software to match your task to our best-fit analyst and she gets to work.

  7. The analyst produces a report that provides a to-do list of changes to make to your web page(s) or produces the changes themselves in the case of a PDF document. Each change item doesn't just highlight a problem, but spells out the HTML change you should make to overcome the problem, and refers to the itemized element of laws such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act or standards such as WCAG 2.0 requiring the change.

  8. The Access2online Coordinator reviews the analyst's report for quality, accuracy, and completeness.

  9. You receive an email notice that your task is done. Going to the task's online record, you find attached your accessibility report or updated PDF documents, along with any task notes.

  10. Only at this point is your account charged for the amount you authorized for the completed task.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Let's say you get to the end of your first task and for whatever reason you don't like the recommendation report we provided. All you need do at that point is contact the Access2online Coordinator and ask for a refund. We will immediately refund your entire purchase price of that first task. We are this sure you will find Access2online the right answer to your website's accessibility needs.

Most customers check out Access2online with a small task, perhaps just a few web pages, and then review the quality and usefulness of our work products to decide if they would like to propose additional tasks. Sometimes they use an itemized Access2online report to guide their in-house webmaster to find and fix similar problems throughout their website.

If we complete an analysis of your entire website and you implement all the changes in our recommendation report, you will have the right to affix the Access2online Compliance Certificate with the corresponding Accessibility Rating.

Access2online Compliance Certification Seal. Accessibility Rating: AA
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