Services - Website Audits

The Problem We Address

Whether forced by a judicial complaint or simply taking the initiative to make an existing online presence useful to all stakeholders, organizations are grapling with how to approach a problem that seems complex and expensive.

Our Solution

Access2online's approach is to make a client's accessibility solution affordable, not just to save money but also to produce a solution that is simple, clearly compliant, and quick to rollout. A quick rollout is vital to the interests of your disabled community, and also allows you to switch from fixing the past to making sure that all your future content is accessible. The only thing worse than wasting money is to waste time, and the two always go together.

For a detailed explanation, request to view our webinar "Accessibility on a Budget" as presented at the annual meeting of the National Association of Government Webmasters. In summary, we simplify by breaking accessibility into two easy steps, the first to determine how much of your existing online presence needs to be audited, and the second step to audit and remediate just those pages. The W3C consortium has provided workable standards such as WCAG-EM and WCAG 2.1 to address each of those steps.

Access2online's custom website audits also include a collection of services to insure that your future accessibility is assured and affordable, services such as Targeted Accessibility Instruction Sheets, real-time support for your web developers and content providers, and fielding a Collaborative Accessibility Portal to build a disabled online community on your side.

How to Get Started

Use any of our contact options to tell us about your online presence and accessibility expectations or mandates, including schedules. We will respond with a fixed-price proposal to do our part supporting your accessibility team, but you will also have the option to task us at our affordable $49/hr to deliver accessibility a la carte. Sometimes tasking us to audit a page or two is a quick, low-risk way to let us show the caliber of our deliverables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What if I have a use-it-or-lose-it budget to fix our website?
    Use what you can save with Access2online to shift resources into making your online presence accessible in the future. Online accessibility, like online security, is not a destination but a process. Keep that process funded and motivated.
  • What budgetary estimates can I bring to my manager?
    As you would expect, this varies by the size of your existing online presence. Because of our experience doing these audits, we can provide a reasonably narrow price range after a few minutes with you on the phone, or within a day if you fill out our request for a proposal form.